How To Choose BMW Motorcycle Today Starting From Scratch

The motorcycle is not just a machine and motorcycling is not just another form of transport. It is more of a cult activity, more of a brotherhood, a subculture.

Riding a motorcycle connects you with the Earth and wind – it reconciles your soul with nature, and this is something you can never ever experience in a car because all a car does is shut you up and make you feel boxed in. The various subcultures that motorcycling has spawned are cruising, street racing, Motocross racing, stunt driving, to name a few.

Close your eyes and let your imagination fly – imagine yourself biking up the mountains in a sleek, rugged machine, imagine yourself racing at breakneck speeds at a sports rally, imagine yourself all rugged and macho as you race to work on your supercool city bike, and imagine the wind caress your face as the splendid sights pass you by!

Yes, biking is truly a wonderful activity, and if you have not experienced its thrills and spills, then it’s time to make motorcycling a part of your life by latching on to a BMW beauty.

BMW motorcycles are an integral part of the biking scene. In case you are not aware, before World War I BMW was involved in manufacturing airplane engines. After the war, the German Air Force was banned and, consequently, there was zero demand for airplane engines. It was because of this that BMW first diversified into manufacturing agricultural machinery, toolboxes and brakes – but this did not satisfy their engineering talent and in 1923 the first BMW motorcycle – the R32 – was born. And, since then, there has been no looking back. Today, BMW is a big name in the commercial, emergency, utility and leisure motorcycle industry.

BMW’s range of bikes is designed for every motor biking pleasure you can ever think of. Their Enduro range of bikes is very aggressively engineered to blaze through extremely demanding situations – ride on any track on these lightweights!

Select a bike from their Tour range if you want to tour the states, swallowing up the roads as you go. As you would have guessed, the BMW Tour range is built for the long haul.

BMW’s Sport bikes are a bunch of lean, mean, nimble machines that roar with raw power every time you fire their cylinders up – guess it’s time to hit the dirt road with these shapely beauties.

Finally, BMW’s Urban range allows you to adopt a scorched pavement policy, burning up the city roads as you maneuver and zip down the roads on them.

Whatever your motorcycling application – be it entering a contest, zipping to work, becoming a bike enthusiast, starting a brotherhood or a mobike cult, touring off to the countryside, or whatever – remember, there is a motorcycle waiting for you.

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